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RH provides workplace consulting and training services for companies, projects and projects infrastructure, energy ventures, hi-tech and logistics.

RH has the best professionals in the field of safety, in order to provide our customers with a comprehensive solutions to all safety requirements, while ensuring a prompt provision of professional and personal service.

·         Safety Plicies

·         Workplace Inspections

·         Accident Investigations

·         Training and Coaching

·         Regulatory Compliance

  • monitoring workplace activities to ensure that workers comply with company policies and government safety regulations. The services include responsibilities pertaining to policy development, safety inspections, safety training and compliance with the Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene commonly known as OSH
  • eveloping and implementing safety policies in order to help employers reduce accident-related costs and prevent losses due to a decline in productivity. Determining the policies are needed and solicits input from managers and workers. Once a policy has been finalized, updating workers about the change and monitors compliance.
  • Inspection of interior and exterior work areas to determine if there are any safety hazards. In the construction industry, checkup of the stability of scaffolding, ensure that workers use hard hats and protective footwear, and check to make sure employees operate construction equipment in a safe manner.
  • conducting an investigation of accidents, issuing a report detailing the cause and provides recommendations that can help prevent future accidents.
  • Training on varied of safety topics including a fire prevention plans, hazardous materials handling and machine guarding. Identify training needs, develop appropriate training programs and deliver training to employees.
  • writing and reviewing standards, implementing plans to meet the necessary standards and following all record-keeping requirements.

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